V-Groove Wheels

Cast Iron

Cast Iron v-groove wheels are made specifically for use on inverted angle iron track.  They can also be used on flat surfaces.  Strong durable wheels at an economical price.  Each wheel has a precisely machined 90° v-groove with a relief groove which enables load equalization.

Ductile Steel

Ductile Steel v-groove wheels have a combination of special alloys that give them a higher weight capacity than cast iron.  Also referred to malleable iron, this material may flex rather than crack or break when submitted to an extreme shock load.  Extra thick walled, heavy-duty core, hub & tread face.


Compression molded polymer has the same weight capacity as steel, yet incredibly light-weight.  Rust free material makes this the perfect wheel for outdoor applications. 100% washable & steam cleanable.  Extreme impact strength and abrasion and compression resistance.

 Solid Steel

Solid ASTM 1045 Steel, straight sided construction offers the highest weight capacity and durability of any v-groove wheel on the market.  Sealed precision ball bearings offer the best possible mobility and do not require any maintenance.  This wheel is zinc plated to resist rust.