Scaffold Casters

SC Series


Scaffold Casters are a necessary accessory for movement of scaffolding in any certain direction while on the job site.  With each caster swiveling at 360 degrees, the scaffold can be easily positioned.  Many scaffolds require certain stem sizes.  Casters of Amarillo, Inc. offers many stem sizes for scaffold casters to accommodate the more popular brands of scaffolding.  Rubber or polyurethane tread wheels are available on many of  these casters.  A rubber tread caster allows for the best grip on concrete due to the softer composition of the wheel.

SC series scaffold casters provide an integrated braking system that locks the wheel in place as well as locking the swivel raceway with just a push of a lever.  This is a safety feature to protect against undesirable movement while people are occupying the scaffold.  The SC series scaffold casters exceed ANSI and OSHA requirements to ensure safety.

Capacities to 1600lbs

Check that all casters are securely locked before climbing the scaffolding.
Do not attempt to use scaffolds if any of the casters have not been properly maintained.