Quiet Casters (shhhh!!!)

Monday, May 23rd, 2016 Published By: Roy Williams

Quiet CastersRubber wheels

Have you ever experienced an environmental noise disturbance?  I’m not speaking of honking cars, roaring trains and planes or just people who talk loud.  This is a more subtle noise.  So, picture yourself in a few scenarios such as:

  • Watching a theatrical performance and the scene change is loudly announced by rolling out the next set (clanka, clanka, clanka).
  • Eating at a nice restaurant and you hear the dessert cart rolling across the travertine tile (clanka, clanka, clanka).
  • Listening to the Sunday sermon as they move the communion cart through the church (clanka, clanka, clanka).

At work, home, school or play, the wrong wheel on the wrong type of floor is downright annoying.  You may not be aware of those obnoxious noises, but now that you are, they will haunt you!

With today’s caster and wheel technology, this is not necessary.  A soft wheel on a hard floor is the first solution to the problem.  If you need assistance finding quiet casters or wheels  just give us a call.  Casters of Amarillo is here to help you find the solution for a more “ghostly” ride.

Casters of Amarillo, Inc.  serve as a prime distributor of quality casters, wheels and material handling equipment to the Panhandle area and beyond.  We are knowledgeable in caster applications for home, business and industry and provide solutions for most non-powered material handling equipment needs.  We are noted for the quality lines of equipment we carry that are made in the USA.