Heavy Machine Movers

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 Published By: Roy Williams

Casters of Amarillo, Inc. is proud to offer this type of material handling equipment that will allow customers the ability to move heavy machines in a safe and timely manner. Our non-powered machine movers allow the user to move many different types of equipment in plants, warehouses or out in the field.  The types of heavy machine movers that we offer are safe and easy to use.

Many of the factors in deciding the types of heavy machine movers needed can be relied on by the expertise of Casters of Amarillo, Inc. and our suppliers.

homeHilman Rollers offers low profile, high capacity moving equipment that can be used to move a multitude of things.  Hilman Rollers have been used to move some of the largest objects in the world.

Used as a temporary means for moving a heavy structure, repetitively in assembly line applications or as a permanent installation, Hilman Rollers are known throughout the world for their durability.  All Hilman Rollers utilize the endless chain principle.  It features a chain of steel rolls capable of rotating around a central load-bearing, steel plate.  The result is a product that performs as a low friction, high capacity conveyor.

Often referred to as Rollers, Dollies, Skates, Machinery Movers and Turtles. Hilman Rollers has become a brand name when referring to this type of equipment.  All Hilman Rollers are rated in metric tons and carry a safety factor of at least 2-to-1.


Wesco Industrial Products offers their industrial products like the durable steel beams that are making their way thought the industry.  With heavy duty capacities up to 5 tons, they are the most economical way to lift and move large bulky loads.  Heavy duty swivel casters with a variety of sizes and tread types allow smooth movement in any direction. The Rais-n-Rol has a hand operated hydraulic jack allowing for easy lifting and controlled lowering of loads. All models are supplied with hooks for recommended optional LB-1 or LB-2 load binders.