Heavy Machine Movers

Heavy Machine Movers are a must-have piece of equipment for moving bulky items.  Casters of Amarillo, Inc. is proud to offer quality material handling equipment that will allow our customers the ability to move heavy machines in a safe and timely manner.  Our non-powered heavy machine movers allow the user to move many different types of equipment in warehouses or out in the field.  The types of heavy machine movers that we offer are safe and easy to use.









This heavy machine mover offers capacities up to 5 tons - the most economical way to lift and move large bulky loads.  Swivel casters allow movement in any direction.  Hand operated hydraulic jack for easy lifting and controlled lowering of loads.  All models supplied with hooks for recommended optional LB-1 or LB-2 load binders.


Capacities up to 10,000 lbs.






Hilman Kits










Hilman Roller Kits are high capacity, low profile moving devices that offer a solutions for many moving applications.  Also known as machinery dollies or load skates, Hilman Rollers have moved some of the largest objects in the world. Hilman Rollers has become a brand name when referring to this type of equipment.


Capacities up to 5,000 metric tons.


Lift n' Roll




step rider

The Lift 'N Roll is sometimes referred to as a piano dolly.  It is a set of hydraulically operated hand trucks fitting on opposite sides of your machine.  The set is held in position with a 19' built-on ratchet-strap, wrapping around the load and holding it securely.  The Lift 'N Roll is designed specifically for use in moving 2 and 3 door coolers, beverage dispensers, or vending machines.  However, experience has shown that this machine mover can be used for many types of applications.


Capacity: 1,500 lbs.






Freight Pry Bar











This simple but effective tool provides the operator a lever to temporarily raise a heavy load allowing the product to be blocked up or placed on a transport dolly.  Freight pry bars are also referred to as johnson bars, mules or j-bars.

This product features an 84" sealed hardwood handle with a 1/2” steel beveled nose plate.  Electrostatically powder coated with an “alert orange” enamel finish on the nose plate.  Available with 5x2 semi steel wheels mounted on a 1-3/16" cold rolled steel axle.


Capacity: 5,000 lbs.