Drum Handling Equipment

Dutro 3000

Dutro 3000

This drum truck enables one person to quickly, easily and safely move drums.  The lifting toe creates a cradle for easy break-over.  Replaceable chime hook and lifting toes ensure a long product life.  Spring-loaded swing axle keeps the truck in upright position when not in use.  Handles drums from 21" to 43" high.  10" mold-on rubber wheels.

Capacity 1,200lbs

Harper 76A59

Uniquely designed chime hook that fits a large variety of plastic, steel or fiber drums.  Accomodating footrest helps position truck under drum for easy break-over.  Spring-loaded device to help ease drum onto lifting toes and automatically returns truck to vertical position when the drum is disengaged.  10" mold-on rubber wheels.

Capacity 1,200lbs

Vestil DGS-55-D

The Drum Gripper makes it easy to pick up closed head steel drums without leaving the seat of the fork truck.  Simply slip the forks into the fork tubes, fasten the safety restraint and the Drum Gripper is ready to go.

Capacity 1,500lbs

Wesco 500

Transport drums in a vertical position.  Handles 55 gallon drums.  Heavy duty 5" x 2" polyolefin caster with roller bearings.  All welded construction.

Capacity 1,000lbs

Harper 8818-41

This model features "non-skid" front rockers to prevent frame from sliding when the drum is tipped.  2 retractable handles.  Bung drain is 21" off of the floor in the horizontal position.  For use with 30 and 55 gallon drums.

Capacity  700lbs

Dutro 3024

Drums can be moved with ease, with little risk of tip-over or spillage.  #3024  23-3/4" diameter for 55 gallon drums or #3019  19-3/4" diameter for 30 gallon drums.  3" Polyolefin swivel plate casters.

Capacity 700lbs