Dollies are used to load, haul, and deliver just about anything!  Easy and affordable.  Whenever you need them.  We offer dollies for many types of equipment that will allow the user to move products in a safe and efficient manner.  Ideal for home, office or industrial applications.

H Frame Furniture Dolly

Move over carpet dolly...the master has arrived!

This four-wheeled 4/4 kiln dried hardwood furniture dolly provides a large flat surface that is perfect for moving large items.  It is the most popular furniture dolly for all-purpose moving.  Durable black conveyor belt tread wrapped around the hardwood frame allows for the load to less likely slip off.  Deluxe 4" soft gray swivel casters roll over bumps easily and will not mark floors.

Available in 3 sizes - 18x30", 18x40" or 24x36"

Capacity: 1000 - 1600 lbs

sheet rock dolly

Sheetrock Dolly

Ultra-rugged, must-have cart for remodeling projects.  Solid metal construction with heavy-duty swivel & rigid casters for easy maneuvering.  Perfect for hauling paneling, drywall or plywood.

Unit size: 48”h x 26”w x 46”l
Deck size: 40”l x 13-1/2"w

Capacity: 2000 lbs.

panel dolly

Panel Dolly

Designed principally for moving office partition panels, but flexible uses extend to moving banquet tables, roll goods, mattresses, bed frames, etc.  In addition, the panel mover has become a standard in many workrooms for transporting raw materials between workstations.  Coated with non-mar, skid-resistant vinyl.  Removable uprights.

Overall dimensions: 27 1/2" x 38 1/2"
Load area: 25 1/2" x 36"

Capacity: 2400 lbs

Table Dolly

Designed for moving round or rectangular folding tables.  The platform is formed with heavy gauge tubular steel.  Available with two removable uprights made of 14 gauge steel tubing, 48"l x 43-1⁄2"h. Uprights extend 40" above the platform.  The platform and uprights are coated with a non-mar, skid-resistant vinyl.

Overall dimensions: 32-3⁄4"w x 48"l
Load area: 30" x 48"

Capacity: 1600 lbs

Chair Dolly

Move up to 16 chairs at a time, eliminating costly and tedious hand carrying.  The sensible solution to quick and easy setup time for seating at banquets, lectures, conventions and meetings.  Tough and durable, this stacked chair dolly accommodates most types of stack chairs.  Heavy-duty frame with bonded vinyl handle.  A real time-saver.

Capacity: 240 lbs

Desk Lift

Engineered for easy moving of most types of office desks by just one person.  Reduces labor and moving costs; saves time and effort, too.  No need to empty drawers or remove equipment and material from desk tops.  Simply roll Mighty King desk lift beneath desk, depress handle and elevate desk.  In seconds desk can be rolled in any direction.  Heavy duty casting and steel caster base, powder coated finish.  Tough non-mar, skid-resistant red vinyl coats the lift frame.  Handle is removable.  Safety latch automatically locks in raised position with a convenient trip for release. 3.5" hard rubber swivel casters for easy maneuvering.

Capacity: 600 lbs

File Dolly

Unique design allows lever action to lift your load while counter-balance prevents it from tipping.  Easy operation is a time and back-saver when moving file cabinets, appliances, drums, crates or cartons.  Non-skid, bonded vinyl finish protects your load.  Two non-marring 3" wheels.  Two 2-1⁄2" full swivel, non-marring hard rubber casters for ease in moving any load in any direction.

Capacity: 600 lbs

Tire Skate Dolly

This rugged tire skate dolly allows you to move any auto with ease over smooth concrete.  Available with 3" swivel polyurethane casters with precision ball bearings in the wheels.  Made of 1/4" thick carbon steel plate with a painted black enamel finish.

Capacity: 1200 lbs

"Tri" Dolly

Cast semi-steel body with a 2” deep well.  This triangular-shaped dolly is ideal for moving equipment with post-style legs.  With a load capacity of 375 pounds each, these cup dollies allow mobility with ease.

Capacity: 375 lbs