Dock Equipment

There are many types of equipment available to ensure the efficient and secure handling of goods. Dock equipment is used to assist in the loading and unloading of products from a trailer onto a dock.

Casters of Amarillo Inc is a supplier of dock bumpers, dock seals, dock boards, dock lights, and strip doors.

Aluminum Dock Plate

Aluminum dock plates are a simple way of transitioning products to and from trailers.

They work well with pallet jacks and/or other non-powered dock equipment.

The aluminum dock plates are available in 3/8" or 1/2" thickness.

Capacities to 10,000lbs

Dock Leveler

Easy to operate just by lifting a self-storing handle and pulling the handle to the dock floor.  When released, the handle automatically returns to a stored position.

Dock bumpers are mounted to the dock leveler to provide some cushion as the truck approaches it's stop.  Dock levelers are available in widths of 72" and 78".

Capacities to 30,000lbs

Manual Pallet Jack

Manual pallet jacks are a great tool used to lift and move pallets of goods.

They are considered an essential tool included as part of your dock equipment.

Standard pallet jacks transport palletized product up to 5,500lbs with minimal effort.  Often used in warehouses,  job sites, and on trailers that provide freight transportation services.

Pallet jacks are available in many sizes as well as various capacities and lowered heights.

Capacities to 10,000lbs