Appliance Trucks


Special design to handle today's vending machines.  The retractable swivel caster assembly assists in supporting the load during operation.

Equipped with a ratchet strap tightener with automatic strap recoil and the patented roller bearing crawlers.  Operates at a 55 degree angle with the swing released.

Capacity 1,200lbs


Steel! Strong and Durable! Great Value!

The ESCORT all-steel model SRT will take the toughest punishment and handle the heaviest loads with ease.

Equipped with such advanced features as the ratchet strap tightener, with automatic recoil and the patented roller bearing crawlers.

Capacity 750lbs


Magnesium! Lightweight! Strong!

The ESCORT magnesium model MRT does it all.  Moving the really big loads easily with such labor-saving features as automatic strap recoil, the original, patented roller bearing crawlers and ratchet strap tightener.

This is the lightest fully featured appliance truck workhorse.

Capacity 500lbs


New two-piece belt tightener strap can't become detached.  Truck features vinyl non-mar bumpers, roller bearing "stair-rollers" to ease loads.

One piece 24" x 4 1/2" toe plate, all steel frame, and new-design offset belt tightener to speed loading and hold extra tight.  60"H x 17"W.

Capacity 800lbs