Spring-Loaded Medium-Heavy Duty Casters

37/38 Series


The 37/38 Spring Loaded Medium-Heavy Duty Series casters offer load protection from vibration and shocks.  They also reduce rolling noise and impact damage to floors.  With a yoke constructed of 1⁄4” thick cold rolled steel, the deeply formed, double ball bearing raceways enhance side thrust resistance.  The heat-treated raceways also offer strength and a long service life.  This caster has a 3⁄4” diameter king bolt which allows for a smooth swivel action with superior durability.

Some common applications include various material handling and factory part carts that transport sensitive materials.  Some other uses include aircraft maintenance as well as ground support equipment, tool chests, etc.  Housed in a polyurethane block, the spring begins to compress at 400lbs to total compression at 675lbs.  The spring travels 1/2".  The zinc plated finish is attractive and corrosion resistant, and these can ship quick since they are a standard stock series.

Capacities to 700lbs