Light Medium Duty Total-Lock Casters

17/18/19/T1 Series

Light Medium Duty Total-Lock Casters offer a total-locking or directional locking brake system.  The 17/18/19/T1 series has a metal total-locking brake design.  The total-lock stops both the swivel raceway as well as the wheel with the press of a single pedal.  This prevents your casters from moving, allowing your equipment to become fully stationary.

A T1 directional lock will brake the caster in the direction that you choose by just stepping on the lever.  Swivel casters without a brake and matching rigid casters are also available.

Total-locking casters have double ball bearing raceways and come with over 30 different wheel options, colors, and bearing types.  Available in a wide range of plate sizes and modular stem sizes to choose from, including a hollow kingpin option.  NSF Listed.

Capacities to 350 lbs