Steel Hand Trucks

There are many styles in Harper Trucks’ complete line of all-welded tubular steel hand trucks.  Unsurpassed in quality, Harper steel hand trucks have become an industry accepted standard.  Raw materials, design, manufacturing and finishing methods are carefully combined to provide units with maximum strength and service.  All Harper steel hand trucks are completely manufactured and finished in Wichita, Kansas.  Whether you are moving items in your home, office or packages around the warehouse, a hand truck is an essential piece of equipment.  Help protect your back from lifting pains when you choose from an assortment of hand trucks from Casters of Amarillo.  All of our hand trucks are made with quality in mind, to ensure they last for years.

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Steel Hand Truck Models

HP2784 Steel Hand Truck
HP3560 Steel Hand Truck
HP5660 Steel Hand Truck
HP5860 Steel Hand Truck
HPLEO5860 Steel Hand Truck
HPH5986 Steel Hand Truck

Steel Hand Truck Wheel Options

Steel Hand Truck Wheel Options

Molded Engineered Plastic Curb Ramp


• Light and portable, easy to handle
• 27”x 27”
• Service range up to 8”
• Capacity 600lbs.