Manual Pallet Jacks

Manual pallet jacks, also known as manual pallet trucks, are a specific tool used to lift and move pallets of product. These pallet jacks move heavy or light palletized product with minimal effort. Often used in warehouses, on job sites, and in semi-trucks that provide freight transportation services, they come in many models and sizes as well as various capacities and lowered heights.

manual pallet jacks

Many manufacturing environments use special size pallets, or they handle odd shaped loads. These pallet jacks come in numerous sizes to accommodate these different needs. While some of their applications are quite unique, they are committed to supplying, from stock, the vast majority of requirements. They come in widths of 16", 20", and 27" combined with fork lengths from 36" to 96".

manual pallet jacks

With a 5500 lb load capacity, this manual pallet jack is a real workhorse. Considered a high-end import, the Mighty Lift Manual Pallet Jack is quickly becoming the choice in material handling equipment. We stock several popular sizes of manual pallet jacks. We can also easily order 4-way, low profile, hi-lift, and scale pallet jacks.

This durable rubber pallet jack stop prevents any movement of a pallet jack on the floor of a truck or trailer. It protects valuable freight from damage caused by a pallet jack that rolls or slides while unsecured. The pallet jack stop works on any surface, and it will not slip. Simply pull the pallet jack into the stop, and it is securely parked in seconds. Drivers will never again have to tie a pallet jack down or turn the pallet jack on its side.

About Our Pallet Jacks

With many years of experience in the material handling industry, it is our job at Casters of Amarillo, Inc. to see that our customers stay satisfied with the products and services we provide. Many catalog, online, and discount companies may provide best value economy pallet jacks at a reduced price, but they often have reduced quality in the product and generally do not offer parts or service. Many competitors offer a 1 year replacement warranty, and some competitors offer only 90 days. Our pallet jacks come with a 2 year pump warranty as well as a 1 year workmanship warranty on the forks and frame against defects. Parts for our pallet jacks are always available quickly when the need arises. We only stock premium replacement steer wheels, load rollers, and ball bearings.