Flat-Free Wheels

Flat-Free wheels serve as an alternative to pneumatic wheels. While they allow the same characteristics as pneumatic wheels, they never go flat. This is due to their closed cell micro-cellular polyurethane foam makeup. Flat-free wheels provide shock load protection as well as a smooth cushioned ride while rolling easily over debris and small obstacles. These are perfect for hand trucks, dollies, carts, and mobile equipment such as generators or lawn and garden equipment. They are also a must for work sites that are covered with nails, screws, glass, and other tire hazards. Eliminate inconvenient flat tires while saving time and money.


amerityre wheelsFlat-Free Wheels by Amerityre Corporation

Maximum Performance & Reliability
Outperforms Conventional Pneumatic Tires
Will Never Mark Sidewalks
Steel Wheel Construction
Smooth Ride


flat-free lawn mower tires

Carts & Hand Trucks

ever-roll wheels



Flat-Free Wheels by Amerityre Corporation

1000lb Load Capacity
Will Not Crack or Dry Rot
Perfect Balance
Steel Wheel Construction
Will Not Absorb Water


flat-free wheelbarrow tires