Cantilever Platforms


The cantilever rolling platforms allow workers to go up and over obstacles. The cantilevered portion of the platform is perfect for clearing hard to reach  areas, but while still maintaining a high level of safety and rigidity. Our customers use these in aviation, production, and areas with obscure machinery.

Standard Feature

- 57 degree slope is standard
- 24" wide steps
- Individually locking casters
- Overhangs hard to reach areas
- Several overhang depths to choose from
- Counterbalance weight at base
- 300lbs load rating
- 1" square tube construction
- 30" handrails
- Gray industrial  enamel finish

Tread Types

Optional Items Available
- 500lbs load rating  HEAVY DUTY
- Deeper top platform
- Yellow finish (or other color)
- Top walk-off access with chain or gate
- California OSHA compliant