79/80/T9 Medium Duty - Stamped Series Casters

79/80/T9 Medium Duty Series casters feature larger diameter wheels (4, 5, 6 and 8”) with 1-1/2” and 2” tread widths. With a stamp formed design, these are made from heavy gauge cold rolled steel and feature hardened double ball raceways for added strength as well as an extra long service life. Swivel, rigid, and total-locking casters are also available with the popular small plate size for light medium duty casters. This feature makes the 79/80/T9 Series the perfect way to upgrade to larger casters, and they also offer increased roll-ability and durability.

There is a wide range of wheel types, colors, bearings, brakes, and other options to choose from. Popular applications include food service and food processing equipment. Other common uses include material handling carts, hotel carts, as well as linen and housekeeping carts, tool boxes, etc. The standard zinc plated finish is attractive and corrosion resistant. The 8" rigid casters can come with the top plate turned 90° for certain applications.


79/80/T9 Medium Duty