Light-Medium Duty Stem Casters

Light-Medium Duty Stem casters offer a wide selection of standard as well as uncommon stem types. These different stems are popular in various institutional and food service applications. This series comes standard with a metal dust cap that covers the upper raceway. It also has many different wheel variations, colors, and bearings to choose from. Brakes and other options allow for increased functionality. Though these casters are more commonly used in institutional and food service industries, they can also be applied in many other applications. Wire shelving, material handling carts and trucks, conveyor systems, laboratory equipment, store fixtures, retail displays, and various other light-medium duty applications often require stem casters. Double ball bearing raceways offer improved swiveling and durability, while the standard zinc plated finish is attractive and resists corrosion. Maximum durability and economical prices make these casters an easy choice!

light-medium duty stem casters