Magliner Commercial U-boat

mg u-boat 2

U-Boats are designed to make the moving of lighter and smaller boxes and packages easier and safer. Well-constructed carts will be able to hold a decent amount of cumulated weight, but always follow the manufacturer’s guideline limits. Keeping the heaviest boxes on the bottom will not only allow for easier operator maneuverability, but also help to keep the contents safer during transport.

The flat, six-wheeled design of a U-Boat allows for a heavier and bigger load. Properly loaded and stacked, a U-Boat can hold a great deal of weight. Balancing the weight as evenly as possible both front to back and side to side will enable a smoother ride.

  • Holds four times more than a hand truck
  • Turns 360 degrees to maneuver around tight spaces

  • Is made of aluminum so it never rusts

  • Has non-marking casters to protect floor surfaces

  • Rolls smoothly over bumps, cracks and thresholds

  • Stock and deliver more product in less time

  • Stow in van – no waiting for in-store equipment

Winholt U-boat





The Winholt 300-60D/PU u-boat 16" x 63" heavy duty utility cart is an excellent addition to any warehouse or job site.  This steel utility cart has a 2000 lb. capacity with removable 61" high handles. A diamond-pattern steel deck ensures that you can securely stack dozens of boxes for transport, drastically increasing efficiency and saving valuable time.  With the combination of a narrow 16" deck, two 8" polyurethane rigid casters and four 4" polyurethane swivel casters on the ends, this cart can easily turn inside its own radius for tight, convenient maneuverability.  Easy to load and use!