63/64 Extreme Duty Kingpinless Series Casters

63/64 Extreme Duty Kingpinless Series casters are designed for excellent durability. Use these in abusive and demanding shock load applications that may cause traditional kingpin casters to fail. Made out of ASTM1045 drop-forged steel, casters in this series can reach load ratings up to 20,000lbs each. A 1/2” thick top plate integrates with a forged 4-1/2” diameter machined raceway. This raceway houses a single row of hardened 5/8" ball bearings. Formed from 3/8" steel, double welds connect the legs to the outer raceway for maximum strength. The unique offset raceway design, heat treatment, and tampering processes allow this series of casters to carry the maximum weight of the bearings used. This also helps prevent horizontal wear, kingpin failure, or fracturing of the welds. These advantages also enable this series to better handle side thrust force. Grease zerks on the raceway as well as the axle make lubrication easy. The standard zinc plated finish is attractive and also corrosion resistant.


63/64 Extreme Duty Kingpinless Series