2016 Farm and Ranch Show Special – Sport Utility Camouflage Blanket

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 Published By: Roy Williams

The 2016 Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show starts Nov 29th at the Amarillo Civic Center.  Casters of Amarillo Inc will be there to show some of the casters, wheels and material handling equipment that helps make the farming and ranching industries thrive.  This year Casters of Amarillo Inc is showcasing our latest flat-free wheels.  In addition, we are offering a 2016 Farm and Ranch Show special.  A high quality sport utility camouflage blanket.  This padded camouflage blanket is ideal for protecting furniture, makes a great a trunk liner, and is also perfect for cold nights while camping or hunting. The double-lock zigzag stitching pattern prevents the batting from moving. This sport utility camouflage blanket is made from durable 50/50 cotton and polyester shell that resists abrasion and withstands rugged use. It's machine washable. 80"L x 72"W.

Come by our booth at the 2016 Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show and get yours for only $13.00 each

Please stop by our booth #H923 in the Heritage Room and visit with us. Check out our Casters, Wheels and Material Handling Equipment pages on our website at www.casterama.com to see our full line of products. Call us at (806) 373-2884 for more information. You can also visit our store located at 1520 S. Polk Street in Amarillo TX (we are only a few blocks from the Farm Show).

Hope to see you there at the 2016 Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show!


Sport Utility Camouflage Blanket